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hello people!! well i have not been on here for like ever, so i do… - Heart Attacks And Callous Acts. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 17th, 2006|03:53 pm]
[mood |happyhap hap happy :D]
[music |sex shooter - firefox]

hello people!!
well i have not been on here for like ever, so i do hope everyone is well and enjoying their life.
many things have been going on in my life..... hmm trying to remember them all could be a struggle though.
well first off... i have been dating my boyfriend for a long time now and yes not so long ago he became my finacee, he did it in the cutest way i could have ever imagined... i got up from a late night out with the girls and woke up, got out of bed and headed into the kitchen to find him... there was a note on the kitchen table saying: "kiss me, tease me do what ever to please me, touch me, feel me ill be on one knee" after reading that i was like "WHAT THE FUCK" i mena it barely rhymed hahaha. then monique came into the kitchen and i asked where callum was and she said he was out the back near the pool so i walked for a bit then ran and saw him standing up near the pool... well he wasnt on one knee i can tell you that haha. so as i walked closer he hadnt noticed me so i yelled out "oi" i was basiclly standing infront of him and he got down on one knee.... i started to laugh and cry at the same time as he pulled out a black box from his pocket then he said in his most casual voice ever ever ever "we been going out for ages i love you and id do anythign to be with ya forever, will you marry me?" then my cousin and the girls who i had gone out with the night before and all callums guy friends came out of the bushes.... which was fucken funny... i turnedback to callum after lookin at everyone crawling outa the bushes ant turned to callum and said "yes" and thats the story of my life :D so ive never been as happy as i have been for the last 3 weeks exactly!! we arent plannign on getting married any time soon cause we both have like no money... well no where near as much as ya need for a wedding.... id post pics of my ring if i could but i dunno how but its such an awesome ring... its white gold with the band bit covered with a single layer of diamonds :D
so just incase anyone reads this and is waiting for their man to propose or happy being with the guy or chic theyre with at the moment, just remember love is based on trust, comprimising and keeping your word. im just gonna say this on here cause i can and cause i know callum is gonna read this cause he knows my pass word :P and i dont think id ever have the balls to say this to his face without making him seem like a pussy boy haha.
im so proud of you babe for becoming the man you are today, i know what youve given up for me hasnt been easy but im so thank ful for it and i hope what ive given up for you has made u happy 2 beacuse id only stop it all for you. im the luckiest chic in the world. i love you callz!!
umm what else has been happening... my dads sending me a car cause cars are double/triple the price over here. ummm ohh the biggest news... my cousin monique is pregs with fernandos baby LOL... that kids gonna be so fucken good lookin. oh and my lil couisn from aussie has been doing modeling and shes only 8 months old and she got a gig doing a clothing commercial for some brand so shes gonna be on t.v so i cant wait to see her when i get back to aus for muh bday :D umm my guy cousin from aus is in canada at the moment doing wine making which is awesome and my best mate nadzee is in switzerland for a year which is great for her... its great experience!! ummm my cat is pregs again in aus so thatll be fun! what else ummm.... me gots a job but that was ages ago... ima waitress... callum comes in for his lunch breaks and i get my break the same time, so we have lunch together which i love so much.
well i cant think of anything right now and this is really long... or so it seems. so ciao ciao to everybody. love yaz all. be good, stay safe xoxox!!

[User Picture]From: morbid_lizzie
2006-09-20 08:16 am (UTC)
glad to hear your happy baby!!
love you & miss you lots.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-10-27 04:24 am (UTC)
is it fully dumb 2 b ritin dis 2 u on annonimus wen u no its me? neways how u no i cum on ur acount? wel blame monique she tld me how 2 log on dis hahahaa. ur thng 2 me is cute but u shld ov nown id giv up dat shit onli 4 u cuz uz my grl n i no i neva gave it up 4 u b4 but dats cuz i neva nu wed end up 2getha n i no wot u givn up 4 mes bin hell but u got it rite now grl n fuk ya 4 payn out mi way ov proposn hahaha il neva 4get ur face fuk dat shyt was funy. dis is takn me ages 2 rite o n i no pplz look at dis so il jst say dat i ddnt make up dat note she found inda mrning, da kiss me tease me thng dat was al mons idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u so gotsta put pics on er hahahaha shuv mon n er preggo tum on er!!!!
wel my hnd is sor frm ritin so dats wot i had 2 say but il say dis on er 2 i h8 dat u is goin 2 aderlaide 2 times in like 3 mnths but ul av fun in melb wid olivia n karen den ul cum bak er 2 me den wel both trip ova 2 adel 4 xmas n ur bday gd shyt! chek u out l8r grl.
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[User Picture]From: elly_chanel
2006-10-29 08:03 am (UTC)
hhaha you thought it was sad that you was writing in annonomus, yeh i cant spell that.. well how ya think i feel im writing back to you in a comment which you probably wont read for weeks lol when i could just be telling you in voice cause your just down stairs hahaha... fuck it!! lol. anyways.... i didnt know you hated the idea of me going back to oz without you... aww babe thats so cute!! you can come if ya want... but i know ya got better things to spend money on so dont waste it to spend like a week with me.. plus flying will be boring for hours on end with no breaks... i told you its a direct flight didnt i??? well it is!! so youll have fun here with all the guys, and like ya said already... when i get back a few weeks later we'll be trecken back to oz again together... yay my bday :D
oh and i know youn come on my account cause warrick and fish said you did and blah... BUSTED!!! haha nah i dont care... nothign on here to hide hehe!! and ill try to put pics on here i told you that the other day but i dunno how, i know i tried once before a long time ago and it fucked up and yeh so i havnt tried since. and if your hand got tired and sore from writing the piss ass little bit you did you might wanna think bout getting that checked out and doing soemthign about it.... cause youz a weakling if you got sore from writing that small comment :P i dunno if that even made sence... hmm im tired!! and fuck you for saying my face was funny when you proposed LOL i was trying not to piss myself laughing... yuh huh thats right negro!!! hahha.
well im bored, ciao ciao my lover.
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