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once upon a time, there was a girl no older than 15... she thought… - Heart Attacks And Callous Acts. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 12th, 2007|01:00 pm]
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[music |marilyn manson - tainted love.]

once upon a time, there was a girl no older than 15... she thought she had it all... a faboulous lifestyle, everythign she wanted and the world was at her fingertips. as she grow older she fell for a boy who was a little older than she was, but he was nice so they stuck, after 2 years they broke apart she cheated and two timed him and that was that, she stayed with the other boy for 1 month after the ending of the first relationship... then she was alone, though the world was all still in reach.. she had a boy friend who was always there for her, through the good and bad but there was soemthign about this boy which was mature but self indulged also, they never gave a good shot at love together cause no one beleived it could work, although they were once so alike she had grown up and he had just stayed. he called her one night and asked to see her, she refused, she wanted him out of her life forever but he persisted and she gave in.. they talked for hours in the yard, they got closer and as their lips got closer she pulled back and said she must go to bed, he didnt push the subject and left with a small kiss on the cheek, she ran back inside and called her friend to tell of how he had changed and how he wasnt the same boy anymore she connected with him on more than one level her friend had heard it all before with this boy, and this boy, and that boy, no one was buying it, she thought of all the good and bad of her night with the boy and stated she would see him again, she txt him and told him to come back over, he said it was too late but he would see her the next mornign and they would spend the day together doing whatever she chose. the next day the boy called her early and asked if it was too early to see her, she instantly said no, so 20 minutes later he was there, she was still in her pajamas but he didnt care he walked up and smiled and gave her a giant goodmornign hug and whispered in her ear that all night he had been missing her she giggled and called him a liar and they walked up to the house together. she said she'd go have a shower and he patiently waited watchign the t.v an hour later she was dressed and ready to go, he asked what she'd like to do for the day, she said she wanted to go for milkshakes at the restaurant, he thought that was a good idea, they sat there for hours, talking about their past, then she asked what he sees in his future, he looked straight into her bright hazel eyes and said "you, in my future, i see you" she became distant, disconnected with the words.. no one had said anythign like that to her before, she didnt think boys ever said anythign like that anymore... she didnt want to crush him but thought he ought to know that she was moving overseas for a year so there was no point in starting anything. she told him that night when he was dropping her off at home that she was goign away for a year, his eyes saddend she felt awful that she had lead him on, she apologised and told him she should of told him sooner, he said no need to apologise as they would stay good friends, she thought they need to talk it out more and that he stay the night, they stayed up all night watching movies and talking about it all then he asked her out, she saw no point and told him no, but she'd see when she gets back. he said thats bullshit and they should see how it goes for the week before she leaves, she told him no and still he didnt listen, she took the eay way out and told him she was tired and she needed to go to bed. he said he wouldnt stay and that he'd just go home now. she didnt argue she just let him go. as she thought to her self thats the end of that she then got a phone call on her mobile... it was the boy, he was down in his car ready to go home, but told her that he loved her and always had. she said she'd call him the next day and they could maybe catch up. the next day they caught up and went to the beach, ate lunch on the lawns, teased eachother in the shallows, she felt soemthing.. soemthing strong... a feeling she'd never felt, she walked over and kissed him on the lips, he kissed her back, then after, she giggled and held his hand as they walked back to his car. he asked her again if she would go out with him, she changed her mind and said yes, from that day forth they become boyfriend and girlfriend. and sinse then, life has never been the same for her, she loves him, he loves her, it was more to her than getting everythign she wanted because she realised that everythign she ever wanted, was him!