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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2005|05:35 pm]
well thursday i did nothing, friday day i cant remember what i did, but i went to town at night and met people down there and went to a party with them. saturday i had tennis until 6 and made friends with a guy named Tyler so we is kool mates now kinda. so i went to a party with him on saturday night and on sunday i went to my dads cousins place for lunch then went to tylers place that night and yesterday i went to ttp with mom and we chilled there all day then came home and came online, watched some t.v then i got bored so i got emma to pick me up at 10 and she came with 3 of her mates so we went to emmas place for the night and she dropped me home at 5am so yeh then i went to sleep in my warm cosy bed then got up at 9.30 and now im online again. and now im doing a quiz thing. but yesterday i got a awesome top which is blue, yay!!
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2005|01:24 pm]
I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, SHES GREAT. OUR FIRST DATE IS GONNA BE ON HER BIRTHDAY... SHES GONNA BE 17. yes, we have both given up on men for the mean time. p.s shes my best chic friend.
hahahahahahahaahahaha, yes her name is CHANEL.
fucking love ya chanel :P
hahaha i bet ya pissing yaself if ya read this aye girl.
Love Meeeeee xoxox.
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2005|08:47 pm]
well hmm so much has happened lately, i went camping with chanel for one night that was so awesome we got bogged, couldnt get into the shack, left skid marks, milipead infested, couldnt flush the dunny, couldnt start the fire or get it out, made pasta, couldnt work out how to use the lights, the ute rolled forward while filling up petrol, haha everythign funny happened. then stayed the next night at her house and watched the movie "you got served" fuck the guys in that are HOTT. then came home and develpoed a nasty cold which made me sleep for 16 hours one day lol. then i just came back from another camping trip with claudia, lucinda, tara and olly, we stayed there for three nights a i think, we went to the beach everyday and i got a heaps good tan. umm then had tennis when i got back which was okay but i hate playing cause i takes up saturdays in the after noon, then got asked to nicks but couldnt get a ride down there. umm ive started a good thing with a guy named steve... we used to be good mates then didnt talk for over a year and now we is friends again so i been on the phone and txting him heaps. umm and tonight ive been organizing a camping trip for schoolies with some mates which will be awesome if it happends. umm my mums pissed at me cause i havnt been at her place for more than 6 weeks... umm tomorrow ima go see some mates somewhere lol. what else umm... my lil kitty is so cute i love her shes so pretty. ummm Weeeeeeeeeeeeee cassies online. she went out last night so i get all the goss haha. Weeee now tims online haha this night keep getting better and better ahhaa. umm well people go back to school tomorrow hich kinda sucks cause then im alone again though ash is back from england... i only found that out cause she was on the radio tonight lol, hahahaha me and nick are working out our camping prices haha, totally tragic. ive been on ebay looking at cars i founf one i like so im gonna go check if they got it in car yeads and yes maybe get a car before next year.cassie got chatted up by black hott men, ahhhhh im soooooooooooo jealous haha. hmmm umm what else?????? Weeeeee a week of getting trashed haha.
well ive said all i gotta... ohh, sorry for not writing in anyones jhournal cause im still on this comp it wont let me into anyones but my own and wont let me comment on anyones but mine and only in annonymous, so yeh im really sorry.
well ciao ciao love yaz all xoxox.
p.s mat just came online, HA!
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2005|07:07 pm]
hmm well i dunno what to start off with...
last night i went to a party with cassie it was like her friends 18th, it was an awesome party, everyone was really nice and it was lots of fun, we got there about about 9 and got picked up at 12 so yeh it was fun.
today i didnt do alot but i had fun anyway aswell as a slight hang over.
whilst i was at the party my dad saw another cat hanging around with my kitten and today i saw it, ive named this one Fatty. and right now her two bfs are outside meowing outside the window pining over my lil kitty hehe. fatty is grey and fluffy and the other cat is called Buster and he is ginger and white.. i named them both :) and my lil girls name is Soul Ja.
umm what else OH thats right, yesterday some stupid fuck head made me cry, and now i hate the fat fukka, he tried to ruin me and one of my best friends friendships by telling me that my bestie (jesse) called me a slut and that im irrispectable.... so i asked jesse if he said that and he told me and blah blah blah but then jesse told the fukka that he hated him so then the fukka txt me saying thanks alot for ruining there friendship and shit, so i wrote back and he wrote back again but i didnt reply. so i was crying and stuff cause i ddint think jesse would ever talk about me like that... and i was right, he never did or would! so now jesse hates him and wants to get him back for being such a cunt! P.s The Fukka im referring too is Steve A.k.a Eggy!!!!!!!!!!
hmm well tonight i made my own dinner cause dad has gone out with a friend so i made spagghetti with stuff and i think i did soemthign wrong cause now after eating it i have a really bad tummy ache lol, im a bad cook.
well yes thats My Update for now. Oh and also Daniel and me are getting along totally kool hehe :D
ciao peoples.
p.s I love you Daniel xoxox
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2005|10:08 pm]
im going really good, no cutting, drinking, smoking, sex, hooking up. its all just gone... i feel so much better like within me and stuff.
me and my dad are getting along so well... we played the penguin game on the net and we played netball and i showed him how to eat an orea the proper way like twist, lick, bite lol. mom and me is going good also we is having lunch tomorrow before i go see friends in town.
im getting shit back on track which im really happy about. i feel like a new person and also i feel like ive grown up heaps and im not handeling shit in a childish way... not that much shit has happened cause everythign is going good.
im in love with someone, ive been inlove with them before and i cant fight my love towards them. this person is so so special to me. and we are getting along so well at the moment, something might happen later on in the year between us. i love you babe.
my kitten Soul ja is pregnant and her tummy is getting slightly larger day after day... i cant wait until she has kittens though i will be sad when we must give them away. so if anyone needs/wants a kitten in about 15 weeks we will have some for you, but only if you promise to treat it/them right.
My cousin will have her baby in january... Olivia Charlotte Mirielle Barett. she will be gorgeous and i will be her role model just like her mum (my cousin) is to me.
im not sure what else to write at this moment in time, so i will finish this off by saying; thnak you to everyone for beign there for me when i have needed you the most, and thank you to the one i love for never truely giving up on me and always loving me as much as i made you not want too and i will always love you and always be there for you just as i will be here for everyone else.
much love always, Elly xoxox
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|01:59 pm]
got tests back today... i called up and they werent prepared to tell me over the phone so i had to catch a fuckign bus to the doctors and yeh, scared shitless thinking they was gonna tell me bad shit, they only told me that im too young so be living on the wild side and that i should always use a condom. LOL. ooopz haha. yeh so im all good. my blood ulcer is also healing which is why i was thowing up blood, cuase it was infected with the chemical from alcohol. so yeh. but i dont have to have my stomach pumped for other reasons which is good. so i got home, got dressed into summer clothes cause its hot today and then thought id call mom and she upset me to the state i wanted to cut myself but i told myself a million times not to cut, so i managed to restrain which was awesome. then i went and walked to the deli to get lunch and some old guy pulled over and asked me for directions, and i was able to do that which made me feel happy and then as i was walking home a guy ina commodore was showing off in his car and span it out around a corner and side warped it and yeh, would have fucked the car up a lil bit, but he kept driving so yeh. well thats my day so far. bye.
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2005|05:27 pm]
had sex with unknown person.... last night, that was.
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