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im listening to marilyn manson, tainted love... lurve it!!!!!!!! - Heart Attacks And Callous Acts. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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im listening to marilyn manson, tainted love... lurve it!!!!!!!! [Jan. 2nd, 2007|02:37 am]
hello people!
well im watching t.v and its so funny... theres a family having like 3 sets of twins... scary shit!
ive found a new love... marilyn manson... mmmm sexxxxxy!!
well im on my L's and getting my P's wednesday of next week so im fucken excited.... we got a car in south africa but now callum and i dont know how long we are going to be back in oz for im having a blast here... all my friends and family, olivia is the cutest thing ive ever seen i love her so much. i went to my mates for new years which was fully sik... didnt get hammered though... hmm ima good lil girl. well my 18th is so soon so im so excited... im hiring out a huge room at the manse which is hott and doing it all up so im going to see a party planner tomorrow arvo cause i know how i want the room to be.... on the doors entering the private room i want a huge black silk bow round the door then inside i want 118 black, silver and pink hellium balloons and a huge long dining table with centre pieces of the colours black, pink and silver then on the chairs i want silver cloth over the chairs with a huge black silk bow at the back of each chair and other little touches which i shall work out soon. but im very excited cause its gonna be fully sik haha. i shall be also having a friends thing which'll just be a huge piss up.. woooo!! i have my friends 18th party on thursday night so that'll be great cause i love her heaps and its great to have a nice party for ya 18th so we're going to the stamford for dinner and drinks. im so tired i havnt gone to bed earlier than 1am for 2 weeks.. ahhhhh!! fuck everyones online now... yay! well yes i should be off i have a mate coming over soonish and i must get dressed :) love yaz, hope ya all well xoxox